1. Administration

    The City of Plaquemine is governed under a special charter, which uses a Mayor and Board of Selectmen (also known as council members) form of government.

  2. City Attorney / Prosecutor

    The City Prosecutor is the chief prosecuting officer of Plaquemine City Court and chief legal officer for the city.

  3. City Clerk

    The City Clerk's office handles the issuance of city business licenses and permits, and maintains the city's official permanent records and city government meeting minutes, ordinances and resolutions.

  4. City Court

    Plaquemine City Court handles small claims cases up to $2,500, civil suits up to $25,000 and all misdemeanor criminal cases within the limits of City of Plaquemine.

  5. City Inspector

    The City Inspector Department issues building permits, handles inspections of construction, renovation or addition projects, and issues contractor licenses.

  6. City Light & Water Business Office

    The City Light and Water system is comprised of four utility services – electricity, natural gas, water and sewer service.

  7. City Warehouse / Purchasing

    The City Warehouse also serves as the City Purchasing Department.

  8. Finance

    The City Finance Department handles all financial and reporting aspects of city government and the city's operations.

  9. Fire Department

    Fire Department

  10. Housing & Urban Development

    The City of Plaquemine Section 8 rental assistance program increases affordable housing choices for low income households by allowing families to rent privately-owned homes.

  11. Police

    The Plaquemine Police Department handles all law enforcement issues within the city limits of Plaquemine.

  12. Public Works

    The City of Plaquemine Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of the City's public buildings and grounds, sidewalks and roadways, public rights-of-way, and drainage.

  13. Recreation

    Access the Recreation department website for more information on the recreational locations of Plaquemine and the surrounding area.

  14. Utilities

    The Utilities Department handles the infrastructure, maintenance and operation of all city utilities.

  15. Vehicle Maintenance

    The City’s Vehicle Maintenance Department handles routine maintenance of all city vehicles, along with other city equipment, such as backhoes, pumps, compressors and lawnmowers.