City Attorney / Prosecutor


The City Attorney for the City of Plaquemine is the chief legal officer for the city. Appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the Board of Selectmen, the City Attorney provides a wide variety of legal services. These include legal consultation and advice to the Mayor and Board of Selectmen, City Departments and City Boards and Commissions in all matters relating to their official duties. The City Attorney also represents the city in legal suits and proceedings before State and Federal Courts and administrative agencies.


The City Attorney's responsibilities include drafting, reviewing, or responding to the following:
  • Agreements
  • City ordinances
  • Contracts
  • Other legal documents
  • Property sales and transfers
  • Requests for city law information from the community
  • Resolutions

Prosecuting Officer

The City Prosecutor is the chief prosecuting officer of Plaquemine City Court. The City Prosecutor prosecutes all traffic, misdemeanor, and juvenile criminal charges in Plaquemine City Court and performs the same duties, so far as they are applicable thereto, as are required of the prosecuting attorney of the state.
Cases relative to environmental violations, city ordinances and felony offenses are heard in the 18th Judicial District Court at the Iberville Parish Courthouse in Plaquemine.