About Us

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City of Hospitality

Welcome to the "City of Hospitality."  Tucked between the swamps of the Atchafalaya and the bustling state capitol of Baton Rouge is a parish rich with legend and mystery, where tales of survival and triumph are central to its core. It is Iberville, a parish of awe-inspiring beauty – of magnificent antebellum homes and massive live oaks, of meandering bayous and waterways teeming with life.

Unusual Name

The community is older than the United States and National Geographic has documented Indian settlements in Plaquemine from well over 1,000 years ago. In fact, peaceful Bayou Plaquemine got its name from the Illinois Indian tribe, as the word "Piakemine," translated by the French, means persimmon. Before the turn of the century, there were an abundance of persimmon trees growing in the southeast part of the United States.

Parish Seat

Plaquemine serves as the parish seat of Iberville Parish, Louisiana. The City of Plaquemine is a progressive city that also happens to be an architectural lover's dream, with its "tremendous variety of architectural styles and antebellum gems.

Iberville Parish

It is a parish embracing restoration revival with historic buildings glistening throughout downtown Plaquemine. It is a parish of a people - strong and resilient from life’s challenges, yet, oh so friendly. It is a parish proud of the role it has played in helping south Louisiana thrive for over 200 years. There is in Iberville a sense of history, a sense of grace and beauty, a sense of purpose and place, and most of all, a joie de vivre that we’re glad to share.