Plaquemine Depot Antique Market

The Plaquemine Depot Antique Market is located in the former Plaquemine railroad depot building, located in the heart of the Plaquemine Historic District. Built in 1926 under the Huey P. Long era, the brick structure was the center of town activities from the early 1900s to the mid-century.

When the railroad depot building was closed, it was then acquired as the City Police Station from 1968 to 1996. The Depot was dedicated for use to enhance the Plaquemine Main Street Program. The revitalization of the downtown historic buildings is one of the main priorities of the Mayor and Board of Selectmen with strong community support. The depot being no exception, was restored and committed to the economic development of the area. The Depot is under the City's Main Street Program Department.

The first sight of the Plaquemine Railroad Depot evokes a feeling of nostalgia - for the simplicity and innocence of days gone by. The charm of the building was recaptured through the refurbishing. The Depot is not only picturesque but also nostalgic as the trains pass noisily several times daily speeding toward their destination.

From 1997 until recently, the Plaquemine Depot Market had been operating as a flea market. In 2006 a merchants co-operative was formed for the purpose of transforming the original venue into an Antique Market. The shops at the Plaquemine Depot Antique Market are not unique but they are certainly outstanding. Individual merchants offer American and European antique furniture, and enhancements such as home decorator items. The jewerly offerings range from antique to reproductions and new items. Collectibles and furniture are abundant and span several periods of history.

If you are interested in future, on any given day you may find several Empire pieces or a French piece of two. You will always be able to make a selection from the English offerings. If your tastes run to primitive, shabby or romantic, these will be found here too.

Plaquemine Depot Antique Market is equally proud of its quality custom merchandise. Located in what once was a part of the freight room, is a custom frame shop. This area also showcases works by local artists available for purchase. You may also ask about cosigning local artists for portrait and specialty works.

The Depot takes pride in the selection of heirloom baby clothes such as hand embroidered day gowns, had smocked bonnets and dresses. On location are a wide variety of sizes and styles or you can place a custom order for the greatest baby on earth. You may also find that special baby gift.

Plaquemine Depot Antique Market offers layaway for your purchasing convenience, as well as gift cards in any denomination. In addition, we have gift bags and tissue to meet your gift giving needs.

At the Plaquemine Depot Antique Market, you will experience old-fashion small town service and that proverbial southern hospitality.

The following criterion is followed for the Rental of Merchandising Areas:

Minimum of 80% antiques and the remainder may be upscale, newer decorator items or gifts.
  • Photos of item intended for sale are to be supplied with application.
  • No garage sale or flea market items.
  • No craft items exclusively including handmade jewelry, a minimal amount may be marketed within the space provided.
  • Folding tables cannot be used to display merchandise.
  • Architectural items will be accepted in the outdoor area upon completion of the gates.
  • Each merchant works two days every month, and volunteers for additional assignments when necessary.
  • Presently, space rental is $1.25 per square foot. There is no percentage of sales retained by the PDM as we do not hire a cashier. A 5% fee is charged on all credit card sales. 
If your merchandise meets the criteria and you are interested in joining the the cooperative ask for a copy of the policies and procedures. Take photos of your merchandise and bring them for review. Interested merchants shall reviewed by a committee designed to chose merchandise that is conducive to the PDM.
You will be contacted when space becomes available that will best suit your needs and the needs of the PDM.

Marylyn Breaux - Plaquemine Depot Antique Market Manager