Plaquemine Depot Antique Market

The Plaquemine Depot Market is located in the former Plaquemine railroad depot building, located in the heart of the Plaquemine Historic District. Built in 1926 under the Huey P. Long era, the brick structure was the center of town activities from the early 1900s to the mid-century. The first sight of the charming Depot evokes a feeling of nostalgia - one of simplicity and innocence of days gone by.

When the railroad depot building was closed, it was then used as the City Police Station from 1968 to 1996. The Depot was then dedicated for use to enhance the city's economic development and downtown corridor efforts. From 1997 until recently, the Plaquemine Depot Market had been operating as a merchants co-operative market. The shops at the Plaquemine Depot Antique Market include antiques, jewelry, home decor and clothing.

For more information on leasing space in the Depot Market, contact the City of Plaquemine at 225-687-3116.